5 Things You Didn't Know About Saturday Night Live

On October 11, 1975, Chevy Chase belted out the very first "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" and kicked off one of the most iconic TV shows in American history.  Here are five things you didn't know about Saturday Night Live...


Jim Carrey Had Two Failed Attempts At Becoming A Cast Member Despite being one of today's most famous comedians, Jim Carrey auditioned for "SNL" twice and was denied both times. "I wasn't at the Jim Carrey audition," Lorne Michaels explained, "but somebody who was there said, 'I don't think Lorne would like it,' and they were probably wrong, but it doesn't matter. Or maybe they were right — who knows? No one gets it all right."The actor has, however, had a few guest-hosting gigs since then.

Kenan Thompson Is The Show's Longest-Running Cast Member Kenan Thompson was born May 10, 1978, making him the first "SNL" cast member who was born after the show premiered. The comedic actor has been performing on the show since 2003, and in 2018, after 15 seasons, he officially became the longest-running cast member.


Richard Belzer Warmed Up The SNL Audience During Season One Richard Belzer began his career as a stand-up comedian before becoming the series-jumping Sergeant John Munch of the Law & Order franchise. In the inaugural season of Saturday Night Live, Belzer served as the show's warm-up comic, which led to a few performances on the show, including a stint at the "Weekend Update" desk after Chevy Chase sustained a groin injury. Belzer has long claimed that Lorne Michaels promised him a role in the show but then failed to deliver. In 1993, Belzer told People Magazine, "Lorne betrayed me and lied to me—which he denies—but I give you my word, he said, 'I'll work you into the show.'"

Fox News Once Used a Photo of Tina Fey on a Story About Sarah Palin Not a joke—in June 2011, The Atlantic pointed out that Fox News used a photo of Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin during an SNL sketch on a story about Palin. Management at Fox was understandably unhappy, especially because this wasn't the first time people there had made that mistake. The network adopted a zero-tolerance policy for on-air mistakes.

Darrell Hammond Has Said The Show's Opening Line The Most Darrell Hammond holds the record at SNL by saying the “Live from New York” catchphrase 70 times. He also held the record for the longest consecutive tenure of any SNL cast member in the show's history (14 seasons), until he was surpassed by Kenan Thompson in 2017. Hammond was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2009, and was popular for his many impressions. His impression of President Bill Clinton is currently the most frequent SNL impression of all time, appearing in 87 sketches over 14 years in the cast and numerous cameos.

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