5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Michael Jordan

On April 16, 2003, basketball superstar Michael Jordan played his last NBA game, retiring from his position as a shooting guard with the Washington Wizards. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the great basketball player nicknamed Air Jordan...


Jordan Not Making The Varsity Team is Only Half True # If you love MJ, you probably know Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity team, that he went home and cried, and that he mentally villainized his friend Leroy Smith, who made the team over him. Well, Jordan was a 5-10 sophomore at the time, and he just didn't make the varsity team. He played on JV that season and put up a number of 40-point games. The following summer, Jordan grew four inches, made the varsity team, and averaged more than 20 points per game. So the story is true, but not in the way that it's normally told.

He Appeared as Part of a Cartoon Series # ProStars was a 1991 Saturday cartoon program that featured three sports stars fighting evil villains, helping children, and  and often protecting the environment as well. The hero characters in the show were Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretsky. These three men were chosen to represent the pinnacle of American professional sports in the early 1990s. The cartoon only ran for one season and featured clips of Jordan, Jackson and Gretsky at the end the program explaining the lesson to be learned.


Jordan is the First Billionaire Athlete # Jordan is currently worth 1.39 billion dollars, according to Forbes, far and away the richest athlete in professional sports history. MJ made most of his money off his partnership with Nike and his Jordan Brand, which dominates the basketball shoe market. Jordan's big investment was buying a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets for $175 million. Now, that share is worth $780 million. It is no surprise that MJ's killer instincts translate over to business.

Jordan Donated His 2000-01 Salary to 9/11 Charities Jordan has the reputation of being cold and heartless, which might be why this is a lesser known fact about him, but MJ gave $100,000 to help children who lost their parents in 9/11, and $900,000 to other organizations involved with relief. When asked about it, he said, "obviously our country has changed forever, but nothing has changed more than the lives of the families of the victims of this tragedy.”

“The Flu Game” May Have Been Inspired by Some Poison Pizza. Game five of the 1997 NBA Finals was played between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz, and it is famously called “The Flu Game” because Jordan appeared visibly sick throughout the entire game. However, it turns out that this game may be less of a “flu” game and more of a “poison pizza” game. Apparently, Jordan had room service ordered to his room the night before the game, and he was the only one who ate the pizza. He became ill during the night.